copy this copy that, thievery is not an option

I was previously  unaware of specific copyright laws.  I was surprised by the fact that individuals or entities find it necessary to seek out educators who use copyrighted material for educational purposes.  It’s hard to speculate as to how copyright law will affect education in the future, with regard to the increasing use of technology.  As an educator, one should make their students aware of the issues that surround copyrights.  It seems that when it comes to creating truly original material of any media, the best approach is to do it from scratch.  Rather than scouring the internet for random photographs for a blog or presentation, I would urge students to compile a library of materials, photographs, and media that they make themselves in order to create original material.  One of the problems with this approach is, time;  students, instructors, and individuals in general find such endeavors time consuming.  For most individuals, the internet is a fast and convenient means for acquiring resources.  Personally, I have no desire to create blogs or web based media using other individuals creative work.  If I need a photograph of a particular subject or object, I’ll take it myself.  Seeking out such items in the real world appeals to me on many levels.  Here’s a question for musing: If an individual copies and pastes a project together using found objects on the internet, how original can the project be?  Aside from the latter, instructors should make their students aware that copyright laws were created to protect the financial interests of those who create original work; that financial rewards provide the incentive for the creation of more original works; and that obeying copyright laws benefits society by ensuring a steady supply of creative works.  So, the ultimate goal is to reach a point at which the artist or creator does not need to rely on the work of others, in order to create work of any type of media.  


5 thoughts on “copy this copy that, thievery is not an option

  1. Hey Ryan,

    Definitely some interesting thoughts that you mentioned. I agree with a lot of what you said. While there is so many people to monitor, it does seem like people do need to become much more aware of the laws and educate students so that they realize what they could be potentially doing wrong. I also thought it was interesting what you mentioned about capturing your own images or creating something yourself because if you just compile a bunch of other peoples work, then it really isn’t yours. I do think that a project should never solely be a compilation of online videos or images but a blend of their own images or videos and other online resources. I also agree that we should educate students on why the copyright laws are in place. They are there to make sure people are properly compensated for the work they do and that other people shouldn’t be compensated for work they did not produce.

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  2. I like your response to original material being used in the classroom by creating your own pictures, videos, presentations, etc. I do agree that it does take time to create these files. I am not good with drawing or creating my own videos and pictures, so I do go to the internet to find numerous ideas to help aid me in my creativity. I think teachers should help students to understand the importance of copyright laws and remind them that they can use the images, but configure those images to their own.

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  3. Great post Ryan! I agree that copyright laws should be taught to our students. I think by increasing our students awareness we are ultimately keeping them accountable for their own work. I love the idea of creating a library of original work that the students create. I found it very useful as a student in graduate school to build a library of my own work. Having my own library allowed me to develop my previous ideas within other courses. I think it is very important to understand the implications of copyright laws especially in education, where it is very easy to plagiarize information. As far as predicting where copyright laws will lead in education, I also agree that it will be very hard to predict the effects that it will have on education in the future.

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  4. Ryan,
    You make some valid points about copywriting. I think that you are right and we as educators should make it a point to create original works. It is too easy in the 21st century to go to the internet to just search and use what we think will work for us or that project. I too agree with you that we need to teach our students when we are using technology that they have a general understanding of copyright laws. This was a great post and you made some really valid points as myself becoming a future educator. I will when I have my students that I will work at explaining the copyright laws and teach my students to create original works with myself being the example for my students.

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