Social Media

My relationship with social media is strained.  I’m recently divorced from Facebook and I haven’t used other similar applications for quite some time.  I don’t believe that social media is completely negative.  I do, however, feel that social media is an unnecessary component to an individual’s daily routine.  On the other hand, I do believe that such applications can be used for positive or constructive purposes in the case of education, business, or to simply keep in touch with distant relations.  When social media is monitored closely, it can be an effective tool in an educational environment.  It is hard to predict what the future holds with regard to the relationship of social media and education. It seems that time will tell of the impact social media has on culture, as well.  I have heard arguments praising and negating social media within society.  In general, I don’t find the topic very interesting.  I feel as though the topic of social media and the use of social media for my purposes, is time consuming and unrewarding.  There are a number of pursuits or topics that I find more rewarding and interesting.  Web based technology is saturating the daily lives of individuals and at some point, people will either choose to embrace that or not.  I’m beginning to grow bored with all of it.


One thought on “Social Media

  1. Ryan,

    I have also chosen not to be involved in the oh so popular facebook right now. I had one bad experience with social media long ago and have never tried to come back to use it again. However, sometimes I feel that if I don’t at least try to use it and understand it a little bit I will not be able to know what my students are doing when they are on their phones. I don’t want to get left behind by my students. The best teachers are able to take what the students are interested in and use it in the classroom to have student become interested and engaged in the material that is being taught. I don’t think you should dismiss it all together. Try to learn about whatever is new to students and is interesting them.


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