I have accessed wikis in the past for quick information.  After delving a bit deeper into the mechanics of a wiki and how individuals can use them to  share information quickly, I can see why some individuals might employ wiki sharing in classroom projects for students.  Ultimately, when publishing or producing scholarly material, individuals should use reliable sources.  Technology has allowed people to share and communicate at an increasingly rapid pace.  And, while many individuals find this phenomenon exciting, which I would have to agree, it seems to  be easy to lose sight of the importance of true human interaction.  As an artist, who has committed a lifetime to learning how to make things by  hand using classical methods that have been in existence for centuries, I have hard time jumping on the technological wagon.  I wouldn’t recommend using wikis to my students for reliable information, nor would I have them partake in any digitally enhanced  projects.  Hopefully, I can create a learning environment where students can learn how to use  their minds and their hands without the luxury of technology.


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